Day 30 (12/21): 1 Corinthians 6:12

1 Corinthians 6:12

“Everything is permissible for me”–but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible for me”–but I will not be mastered by anything.

Only 10 more days! Let’s keep running, seeking to know God.


9 thoughts on “Day 30 (12/21): 1 Corinthians 6:12

  1. Yes we must decipher between what is plausible and what is honorable. However we don’t have to figure it out on our own for God who is exceedingly great and wise possesses the answers. So by daily seeking him we can also grow closer to Him and know His ways and also be guided by his ways

  2. Yes, we can do anything we want because God gave us free will. But we should be wise in doing things to dispise the bads and choose the goods that are relavent with the truth. We should not be mastered by anything of this world but ony God who is our true Master.

  3. It is true, God has given us all true freedom and that there are many things that are not worthy of our time. Go guides us away from these things and shows us the path that is worth taking. To be mastered by anything other than God would be a waste of the freedom he gave us.

  4. We can do anything we want; God have us free will. But we need to be wise. We need to gain the wisdom that comes from the Word in order to distinguish what we should do and what we shouldn’t do. It’s a constant battle actually to have this deep discernment, but God will surely help us.

  5. Paul here is actually quoting a motto of Corinth, “All things are lawful”. With Christ we are not bound by the law of Moses, but still, not all things are helpful; not all things build us up or further the kingdom. Further still, we will not be dominated by anything; nothing will hold us, addict us, rule us save for the holy trinity. I pray this may be made manifest in our lives.

  6. This verse helps us in discerning what is beneficial in our path of faith and encourage us to purely pursue those things alone. Our life is not some kind of business transaction with God where we give Him what we think He wants and keep the rest of our lives to ourselves. It must be a radical and fundamental change where God’s truth and grace reign in every corner of our daily life. Especially in this sinful era, I hope that alongside Paul we can declare that we will not be mastered by anything.

  7. I chose this verse, because it is not only one of my favorites, but it is also something I tell myself daily. In a world so saturated in freedom, I’m reminded daily that I am able to do whatever I want, and an entitled to do so. This verse here is God’s counter to this democratic, 1st world, do-what-you-want lifestyle. I may be able to do all things, but if those things end up ruling over my life, am I really free? Is freedom the ability to do what one wants, or is it the ability to recognize ones liberties, and discern between right and wrong? I say it is the latter. I try to remind myself thus daily: that all things are doable, but not all things are beneficial

  8. This verse really threw me when I first read it, but the more I read it the more it made sense. Through Christ was are free, but it does not mean that all that we do will help us. Because we are free we must be weary of letting take control of us. We are free to live completely consumed by God, and not the things of this world. I ya that I remember that everyday.

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